Current Hunter Douglas Blinds for Your Omaha Home

Blinds_ Ambiance Window Coverings | Current Hunter Douglas Blinds for Your Omaha HomeIf you find yourself in need of some new blinds for your Omaha home, you’re in luck! Our Omaha blinds designers at Ambiance Window Coverings have tons of Hunter Douglas products for you to choose from.

Let’s say you have an Easter celebration planned this month in Omaha and you begin to think about cleaning your house for the occasion. You look up and see the fan is dusty, then you look at your curtains and blinds and you think “ew, how long has it been since those were cleaned? Maybe I should get newer, more functional ones instead.” At Ambiance Window Coverings we think you’re right. Now is the time!

Below, our custom Omaha blinds designers will lay out the details of the Hunter Douglas Blinds that we have options for. We can even install them before your Easter celebration if you call today!

Current Hunter Douglas Blinds for Your Omaha Home

Parkland Blinds

Our Hunter Douglas experts at Ambiance Window Coverings want to tell you about the three types of Parkland Blinds: Parkland Genuine Wood Blinds, Parkland Reflections, and Parkland Classics.

Parkland Genuine Wood Blinds

These Hunter Douglas Blinds are made out of real wood and are designed to outlast the most rambunctious of families. The finish protects against scratching, moisture, chemicals, and fading. Do your worst to them! They’ll last, guaranteed.

Parkland Reflections Wood Blinds

These are one of our Omaha blinds designers favorites at Ambiance Window Coverings. They have the functionality and look of a classic blind, but they’re made out of wood. They come in four sizes with plenty of different colors to choose from. These also protect from harmful UV rays– perfect for families worried about those harmful rays.

Parkland Classics Blinds

Lastly, this blind offers the biggest selection of paint colors, stains and slat sizes. This blind is guaranteed to match your Omaha home! Feel free to call our Omaha blinds designers today to see samples!

Everwood Blinds

Our Everwood Blinds line also comes in three different types: Everwood TruGrain, Everwood Distinctions, and Everwood Renditions. Our Everwood TruGrain Blinds are made out of heavy duty synthetic materials and our Everwood Distinctions only come in white finishes. Last but not least is the Everwood Renditions blind, offered in seven white or wood finishes. The good news is all of our Everwood products are offered in 2” and 2 ½” size and are made for humid or hot areas of your house (like your bathroom or kitchen). They’re also resistant to yellowing, bending, bowing, or fading. Fantastic, right?

Vertical Blinds

At Ambiance Window Coverings, our vertical Blinds are available in a variety of fabrics, vinyl, or aluminum materials in many different colors, textures, or patterns. Our Omaha custom designers have Somner Custom Vertical Blinds, Crosswinds Vertical Blinds, and Vertical Solutions to choose from. All you have to do is decide! But because we at Ambiance Window Coverings know it’s not always that easy, we want you to know that Hunter Douglas has a new  “Art of Window Dressing” app to help you decide.

Ambiance Window Coverings Omaha

At Ambiance Custom Window Coverings in Omaha, we exclusively stock a full line of Hunter Douglas custom blinds and shades and other custom window treatments. All of our products are from the finest materials and backed by a lifetime guarantee. To learn more about our hybrid shutters and blinds or to explore your window design possibilities, contact us today by completing our online contact form or calling 402-932-9711.

Exquisite Blinds & Window Fashions

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