Kitchen Window Coverings Omaha

Kitchen Window Coverings Omaha

Your kitchen is one of the most buzzing and functional rooms in your home. When choosing kitchen window coverings in Omaha, you’ll want to consider the amount of privacy you desire, light control to prevent UV damage to your furnishings and cleaning options. Also, consider how your kitchen window treatments can enhance your kitchen. In such a practical space with appliances and cabinetry, your kitchen blinds or curtains may be a primary source to add embellishment and design.

Kitchen Window Coverings Treatment Options

Don’t settle for plastic blinds from your local hardware or department store. Instead, invest in gorgeous new kitchen shades, blinds, curtains and shutters from Ambiance Window Coverings of Omaha. We offer a large selection of Hunter Douglas window treatments that can be easily incorporated into your space, providing the practicality and functionality you need for daily food preparation and family dinners while also giving your kitchen a high-quality design.

  • Custom Curtains and Shades: Add some personality and a visual enhancer to your kitchen with shades or curtains. In spaces apart from your cooking area, like over the sink or in a breakfast nook, curtains or shades add a big dose of color and patterning for energy and visual appeal in your kitchen. Roman shades are a perfect treatment for easy use and reveal added texture. You can also easily draw shades and curtains to protect your space against harmful UV rays that will dull and fade your cabinetry and floors. At Ambiance Window Coverings of Omaha, we can also work with you to create stunning custom drapery that’s distinctive to your personality.
  • Custom Blinds and Shutters: Both practical and attractive, blinds and shutters are easy to use to create privacy, but are also durable and available in a variety of styles, materials and color options. They can be adjusted to let in peaceful natural light during the day or quickly drawn so you can enjoy meals or your morning coffee. As they get dirty with common oil and grease buildup, food splatters and dishwater, you can easily clean them with soapy water so they look like new. Our blinds and shutters are also resistant to yellowing, fading, warping and bowing.

Designs and Colors to Enhance Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the center of activity, diversity and gathering for your home, so you can afford to experiment with bold colors and patterns in this space. Choosing bright colors can make diners feel comfortable and also stimulate hunger. Dark shades like blues, greens, purples and other cool neutrals can make the room seem closed-off and even stifle hunger. Popular kitchen colors include:

  • Red and yellow: Both of these primary colors make visitors feel welcome and encourage appetite — just think of all of the red-colored foods! Yellow is inviting, complements most cabinet colors and enhances natural light.
  • White: Making your kitchen feel open and airy, white also enhances natural light and is a classic design color.
  • Light blues and greens: Earthy and natural colors, blues and greens evoke a simple elegance and pair well with natural-colored and white cabinetry.

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For the most attractive and durable kitchen shades, blinds and curtains in Omaha, visit the design experts at Ambiance Window Coverings of Omaha. We offer high-quality, fully customizable and undeniably beautiful window coverings from Hunter Douglas, with numerous design options that can easily fit your home’s aesthetics and budget. If you’re unsure of which window treatment works best for you, schedule a free consultation with our designer today by completing our online form or speaking to one of our team members at 402-932-9711.

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