Using Layering in Your Home Decorations

Your home is where you enjoy a majority of your daily life — and you want a warm, comfortable retreat that suits your lifestyle. Part of transforming your home into a unique and useful space involves decorating your interiors to match your personal taste and daily needs. Deciding which décor pieces best fit in your home can be intimidating or overwhelming, but you can easily and skillfully reimagine your home by using layering in your decorating.

Layering is a decorating technique where different interior elements — like floor coverings, window treatments, furniture and lighting — are added to a space and work together to create a distinct, cohesive design while also standing out as an individual piece. What makes layering a useful decorating tool for many homeowners is that it can be completed in manageable stages versus all at once.

How to Use Layering in Your Home Decorations in Omaha

By using layering design techniques throughout your home, you can successfully enjoy a variety of different décor items that are not only vibrant on their own, but also seamlessly work together to create an aesthetic with the other furnishings throughout the space. Layering your decorating scheme adds intrigue and visual interest throughout your favorite living spaces.

The best way to use layering in your decorating is by starting on the ground and gradually working your way up towards the ceiling. To successfully layer your interiors, begin with these pieces of décor:

  • Rugs and Floor Coverings: With a stylish and interesting rug situated on your floor, you can set the design tone for the space and begin tying the room together aesthetically. Rugs and other floor coverings are simple and affordable to switch out as necessary, so choose bold patterns, funky materials and textures, and vibrant colors.
  • Window Treatments: For any room in your house, window coverings are a necessary element for controlling light and privacy. But don’t choose dull, lifeless options from your local hardware store — select fabrics that will add texture and soften your surroundings.
  • Furniture: Begin adding your favorite large and small furniture pieces to the space. Feel free to rearrange the placement until the flow feels right and enhances your daily activity.
  • Textiles: Like your floor coverings, textiles such as throws and pillows are inexpensive items to add to a space, but add a lot of dynamism and cozy warmth. As you tire of the covers, easily switch them out for a pattern or material that better suits your tastes.
  • Lighting: Adding evenly spaced lighting in your living areas sets the mood and helps enhance your furnishings, especially in older homes without overhead lighting. Place attractive lighting fixtures on both sides of the room or in all four corners for the most successful and pleasing effect.
  • Accessories: When incorporating different accessories, you can be a bit more playful and experiment with different materials, colors, and textures to let the space really stand out. As your style evolves, these accessories can be affordably and easily switched out to create a different design aesthetic.
  • Wall Décor: Don’t let your walls stay bare — invest in unique pieces of art or mirrors that enhance your other furnishings and reveal your personality and journey.


As you’re layering your decor, use contrasting colors, patterns, materials, textures, and sizing to achieve the most attractive and successful results that you’ll enjoy for years.

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