The Most Energy-Efficient Window Coverings

Windows are an important and attractive feature of every home. They let in peaceful natural lighting, fresh air and pleasant exterior views. While windows offer unmatched appeal, they also contribute to many homes’ low energy efficiency, especially in older homes with poor-quality window materials and little added insulation. Experts estimate that many homes lose at least 20 percent of their heated and cooled air through windows. But did you know that you can purchase energy-efficient window coverings to help you prevent energy loss?

With the right type of window coverings, you can add stylish depth and intrigue, privacy and protection to your home. You can also choose treatments that improve your home’s most energy efficiency window coverings and lower its use of natural resources.

The Most Energy-Efficient Window Coverings, Blinds and Shades in Omaha

If your home is located in a region with variable climates and extreme seasonal temperature changes, then you may notice heated or cooled air easily escaping through your windows and driving up your monthly utility costs. By purchasing certain types of window treatments, you can add a unique sense of style throughout your home and become more mindful of energy use.

Consider these five attractive and effective window coverings to add to your home:

  • Cellular Shades: Of your energy-efficient window covering options, cellular shades — often referred to as “honeycombs” — are considered the best for lowering energy loss. These shades are composed of honeycomb-shaped cell pockets that trap warm air during winter months and cool air in the summer. Cellular shades are available in a wide variety of colors and styles. Choose from layered designs for improved efficiency, cordless options for added safety, and a top-down or bottom-up style for alternative sunlight control options.
  • Drapes: Drapes are a classic, versatile, and easily customizable window treatment for most homes, offering complete coverage for your windows to reduce air transference. In the summer, drapes can reduce energy loss by up to 33 percent — and at least 10 percent during the winter. For added efficiency, you can add a thermal lining to your drapes or pair these fabrics with other efficient window coverings like Roman shades or shutters.
  • Shutters: Having shutters installed over your windows creates a breezy feel, with exceptional access to bright and natural light. And because they’re designed to fit snugly over your window frame, shutters can easily prevent air from escaping through the window.
  • Solar Shades: To experience the best mixture of enjoying outdoor views, UV protection, and energy efficiency, look into solar shades for your home. These energy-efficient window shades are made with opaque materials so you can look outside, but they still offer privacy during the day. They also feature a protective barrier to reduce air loss.
  • Roman Shades: A traditionally popular window treatment for homes, Roman shades are beautiful, customizable and easy to use. They’re also an excellent solution to reduce your home’s energy use. Roman shades are crafted with added insulation materials to ensure efficiency, and they can also have added thermal backing for exceptional results.


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At Ambiance Window Coverings of Omaha, you never have to choose between stylish window drapes, blinds, or shades and exceptional energy efficiency. We offer a wide variety of attractive and effective window coverings for residents throughout Omaha, NE, that will improve the look of your home, increase your overall energy efficiency and fit your budget.

We’re proud to stock the highest-quality Hunter Douglas blinds and shades, available in a wide variety of colors and styles and backed by a lifetime guarantee. For added quality assurance, all of our Hunter Douglas products are Green Guard Certified for environmental safety.

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