Pairing Window Fabric Textures

Pairing window fabric textures in a room gives you versatile usage and creates a dynamic appearance. Combining different shades and drapes is also a great way to achieve a modern and unique design while maximizing efficiency. But with so many different types of shades, blinds, and drapes available, which designs and textures pair together for the most attractive and successful effect?

When choosing new window treatments for your home, the variety of different shades, blinds, and drapes available can be intimidating. However, finding which window covering styles and materials best works for your space is easy when you consider your design tastes, needs and budget. When exploring your different window fabric texture options, begin by selecting your shades or blinds, then pair your final choice with drapes that complement that window treatment and enhance the space.

Choose a Shade Design

As you peruse your window covering options, you’ll want to choose shades first because they’re closely tailored to the size of your window and are more difficult to replace than drapes. For smaller rooms, simpler and cleaner shades will likely work best in the space. In larger or more impactful spaces, shades with dynamic textures and styles will create a more visually interesting effect.

Popular shades to consider for your home include:

  • Cellular (Honeycomb) Shades: Not only are cellular shades modern-looking and available in a variety of colors and styles, but they’re also incredibly energy-efficient. Cellular shades paired with drapes will create a clean, contemporary feel in your space. For maximum light access, choose a cellular shade with a top-down or bottom-up design, giving you versatile opening and closing options.
  • Roman Shades: Roman shades are a timeless window treatment design option available in a wide selection of fabrics and designs to suit any style or aesthetic. When paired with drapes, the folds of Roman shades create visual and interactive appeal. With Roman shades and drapes paired together, you have a bit of design flexibility, too. For smaller windows, you can install the shades and drapes a few inches above the window frame and let the length of the drapes extend past the bottom of the window to create the illusion of larger windows.
  • Woven Wood: If you’re looking for a more natural and simple window treatment option, look at natural wood shades made from bamboo or woven grasses. These shades allow natural light to trickle serenely into the room, giving the space a warm and organic glow.


Finding an Attractive Drape Texture

Once you’ve chosen a shade style that best suits your aesthetic, pair it with a purposeful and attractive drape to create visual depth and maximize privacy and light control. For the best design results, choose drape fabrics, patterns, and textures that lightly contrast with the style of the shade. Consider these drape design options when pairing your window coverings:

  • Choose a drape with a bold pattern or dark hue to pair with simple shade styles, like cellular shades or light fabric colors.
  • For light or opaque sheer shade fabrics, select drape textures and materials made from luxurious fabrics to add drama or a modern flare.
  • If your shade is crafted from wood or is dark or patterned, pair it with a neutral-colored drape to add a bit of complexity and intrigue.


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