The Right Ambiance For Your Bedroom

The easiest way to personalize your bedroom decor is to choose a basic design theme and incorporate touches of your own taste and style throughout. Do bold colors and patterns recharge your energy or would you feel more comfortable in a more subdued room? Remember that this room is all for you, so no matter what style you have used to decorate the rest of your home, you can get creative here. Here are 4 of our favorite starter design ideas for bedrooms that you can customize with your own style and flare.

The Right Ambiance For Your Bedroom

Bold Bedding Design Tips

Make your bold statement with these bedding design tips for a bold and bright bedroom. Choose patterned wallpaper featuring a bright color that stands out and pair it with a light bedspread with matching accent pillows for a bold and inspiring look. If wallpaper isn’t your style you can also add color and dimension to your room through brightly painted walls, bold carpeting, bright bedding or even custom window valances or drapery.

bedroom window treatments | The Right Ambiance For Your Bedroom

Bedroom Design Ideas For A Relaxing Oasis

When your bedroom design goals revolve around relaxation and serenity try pairing a dark and neutral colored wall with light bedding and calming décor accents. Walls painted in dark greys, purples, blues and browns create some of the most tranquil bedroom settings. To avoid a depressing space it is best to pair these dark colors with light white, cream or grey bedding and accent pieces that add a subtle touch of brightness without overwhelming the senses. A set of pleated shades over your windows complete the calming effect while also providing privacy to the most intimate room of your house.


Design Ideas of Rustic Escape Bedrooms

Keep your color pallet natural when you are decorating a rustic escape bedroom and focus on an abundance of neutral colors. The most extreme rustic bedrooms may have exposed wooden beams, stone or brick walls and turn of the century chandeliers but don’t think that you need all of that to accomplish a rustic feel from your bedroom. Create a rustic bedroom by painting your walls a neutral color, investing in a few pieces of wooden furniture and decorating with nature themed bedding and animal or plant décor. Finish off the look by incorporating the outdoorsy look of dark interior shutters on your bedroom windows.

Bedroom Designs With Elegance

While modern technology certainly has its place in this world, perhaps you are a firm believer that it has no place in your bedroom. In fact, maybe your perfect bedroom allows you to take a step back in time and enter a time of elegance and romance that fleeting in today’s world. Design a room to take you back in time by painting your walls a shade of brown, a gold hued yellow or even a light pink and allowing your bedding to compliment the walls without completely matching. Antique furniture and decorations can help to pull together the overall theme of the bedroom while window valances and drapery will complete the look.

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The decorations and motif of your bedroom says a lot about your personality and priorities, and for some that makes the process of coming up with bedroom design ideas more difficult than decorating a more public space. These ideas are just starting points to help you make the most of your bedroom design ideas so that you can create your perfectly personalized space to recharge. Contact Ambiance Window Coverings of Omaha at (402) 932-9711 or online for your free in home consultation and free installation today!


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