Signature Features and Characteristics of Popular Interior Design Styles

Signature Features and Characteristics of Popular Interior Design Styles custom window treatments Omaha

Ambiance Window Coverings of Omaha offers the finest selection of Hunter Douglas contemporary window treatments in Omaha, but even we know there’s more to great interior décor than just window treatments. It’s your personal style that informs the type of window treatments you’ll choose. A modern style calls for modern window coverings. Omaha homeowners who prefer a more traditional décor may opt for a more vintage look over modern curtains.

Signature Features and Characteristics of Popular Interior Design Styles

Omaha homeowners have so many styles to choose from, though, that you may be a little confused. Here’s a quick rundown of all the major interior design styles to help you make your choice.

Art Deco Design Style

The Art Deco style is characterized by:

  • sleek
  • geometric shapes
  • rounded fronts
  • mirrored accents
  • lots of wood, chrome and glass

Arts and Crafts Interior Design Styles

Arts and Crafts décor is a vintage style that recalls the Roaring Twenties. It highlights simplicity and fine craftsmanship and is well-suited for Craftsman and Bungalow-style homes. This décor often has a rugged, natural feel.

Asian Decor Style

As you might expect, the Asian style takes many decorative elements from the Far East, including bamboo, paper and ornamentally painted designs that may incorporate Asian characters. This style tends to exude tranquility and calm.

Bohemian Design Style

Bohemian is an artistic décor that reflects natural creativity, often with splashes of red and purple and characterized by bold patterns and vibrant colors. Tribal designs and other ethnic touches may also feature prominently in this decorative style.

Coastal Decoration and Design Style

Also known as Nautical or Seaside décor, this decorative style is meant to recall the beach and the ocean, with cool colors like blues and whites and furniture that recalls breezy beachfront living.

Contemporary Interior Design Style

Contemporary design is a modern, streamlined style featuring sleek furniture that’s low to the ground but with exposed legs. Furniture is very basic in shape, with a minimum of detail, and the color scheme is largely made up of muted tones with some pops of color in key areas.

Country Decor Style

A rustic décor with muted tones and lots of wood paneling. Checked or striped vintage fabric patterns are common, as well as classic wood furniture, woven baskets and handmade pottery.

Eclectic Interior Design Style

If you can’t settle on one décor, the Eclectic style is for you. It’s a little from each of the above styles and so on. Some old mixed with some new. There still needs to be some kind of cohesiveness to the design for it to work, however, so be sure to use complementary colors, patterns and textures.

English Country Design Style

This is a softer, and some might say more feminine, décor option that features floral patterns, lots of reds and pinks and finely crafted wood furniture and antiques throughout.

Farmhouse Decoration and Design Style

Farmhouse-style homes feature color schemes similar to the coastal style, with furniture made up of distressed wood and/or upholstered linen.

French Design Style

A rich decorative style featuring gold and bronze elements and heirloom furniture.

Industrial Design Style

The Industrial style is characterized by open space and exposed, industrial-style materials like steel, brick and stone. Industrial-style spaces can come off as somewhat cold without some kind of warming element, like a colorful rug or statement lighting.

Mediterranean Decor Style

A style reminiscent of Coastal, with short furniture with ornate features and heavy, burnished hardware throughout. Terra Cotta, yellow and lavender color schemes are common.

Mid-Century Modern Design Style

Most commonly found in Mid-Century Modern homes, but suitable almost anywhere, this style that arose in the middle of the 20th century inspired some of the great masters of design. Natural shapes and finding the beauty in simplicity characterize this design.

Minimalist Design Style

A style borrowed from the Japanese and very popular in the 20th century, this style is characterized by the idea that less is more, and involves mostly black and white colors, simple furnishings and lots of space.

Scandinavian Design Decor

A Mid-Century Modern offshoot, the Scandinavian style is meant to recall the Nordic countries, so think lots of white along with comfortable fabrics like furs and wool, mixed with wood and glass.

Traditional Design Style

The Traditional style is characterized by muted colors and fabrics, with 18th century English and 19th century French country furnishings.

Transitional Interior Design Style

A smooth mixing of the Traditional and Contemporary styles.

Urban Modern Decor Style

The Urban Modern style features large, but still sleek, furniture, artistic decorative accents and some Eclectic touches.

Vintage Design Style

While a number of styles might be considered vintage in their own way, a truly Vintage decorating scheme is characterized by lots of antique and vintage furniture pieces. Not all pieces should be vintage, though. Enough modern pieces should be mixed in to give contrast to the vintage elements.

The Shabby Chic decorative style uses similar elements, with an even greater emphasis on the weathered and distressed look of the vintage furnishings.

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