Standard Tilt vs Hidden Tilt Shutters

Standard Tilt vs Hidden Tilt Shutters | Ambiance Window Coverings

There’s no denying that plantation shutters are popular in homes, especially those found here in Omaha, Nebraska. One of the great things about choosing plantation shutters is the ability to customize them to fit your needs. Today, we talk about one of the customizable options you have for your new plantation shutters: standard tilt vs hidden tilt.

Difference Between Standard Tilt vs Hidden Tilt Hunter Douglas Plantation Shutters in Omaha

Our selection of Hunter Douglas plantation shutters are available in long-lasting materials and elevated finishes. They can be made to fit a variety of windows, including:

  • specialty shapes
  • sliding-glass doors

The first thing most people notice about a plantation shutter are the slats that open and close to allow light to filter into the room when they’re opened or to allow for privacy when they’re closed. These slats are actually called louvers. The louvers open and close using a mechanism, and depending on which look you’re going for, the mechanism will look different.

For a standard tilt operation, there is a tilt rod located down the center of the shutter. For a hidden tilt operation, there is no tilt rod. Sounds simple, right? Let’s get down to what makes each option great.

Standard Tilt Plantation Shutters

Standard tilt is what many customers choose for the operation of their plantation shutters in Omaha. The tilt rod, which runs down the center of the shutter, is attached to the louvers with heavy-duty staples. This allows it to move the louvers to the:

  • open position
  • closed position
  • anywhere in between

To allow the right amount of light and privacy to enter the room. This easy operation makes standard tilt a popular choice, simply because it makes opening and closing the plantation shutters effortless. Plus, as with any product, wear and tear occur, and fixing standard tilt shutters is quick and painless.

Hidden Tilt Plantation Shutters

If you’re leaning more toward style in your design, hidden tilt may be the option for you. Instead of having the mechanism to tilt the louvers running down the center of the shutter as a tilt rod, the mechanism is actually hidden behind the shutter, hence the term “hidden” tilt. You can adjust the shutter open, closed or anywhere in between by simply using your hand. Gently adjust the louvers to achieve the amount of light that you desire.

This is a more popular choice with those who simply don’t want to see a tilt rod running down the front of their plantation shutters, providing a cleaner look, and with the same easy operation.

Standard Tilt vs. Hidden Tilt: The Difference

The option you choose is based entirely on your needs and wants. To recap, standard tilt:

  • Has a tilt rod running down the front of the shutter.
  • Operates by moving the tilt rod up or down to close and open the louvers.
  • Is easy to fix and maintain.

To recap, hidden tilt:

  • Has its tilting mechanism hidden in the back of the shutter.
  • Operates with just a touch of your hand to open and close the louvers.
  • Is a popular choice for those who wish to have a stylish, clean look to their shutters.

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