Elegant Entryways – Custom Window Fashions for Your Doorway


custom window fashions for your doorwayYour entryway will set the stage for the rest of your home.  What message do you want to send?  Whatever your decorating style is, custom window fashions for your doorway makes a huge difference.  Here are a few window treatment ideas for doors and covering windows by your front door:

window treatment ideas

Covering Odd Shaped Windows

Many doors and front entrances include odd shaped windows.  These aren’t hard to cover if you are choosing custom window fashions for your doorway.  Arches and half circles look amazing when you cover them with elegant shutters.  The fanned shape really looks wonderful and adds a unique dimension to the hallway.  At Ambiance Window Coverings we have many styles and products designed specifically for odd shaped windows.

odd shaped windows

Dramatic Window Coverings

You can make a dramatic statement at the front door by covering windows with woven weave window treatments.  There are many energy efficient options as well like our beautiful honeycomb shades.  How you dress up your front door windows, like most windows, depends on a multitude of factors.  What ever functions are most important to you can be included.  With the right fabric, style and textures, you can create a dramatic entryway that is appealing and welcomes your guests.

covering sidelights

Covering Sidelights and Transoms

Those small windows on the sides of your door and above your door can sometimes be hard to cover.  Custom window fashions for your doorway are made to order and measured to fit perfectly.  As you can see even some of our more elegant window fashions like our Luminette privacy sheers work great on sidelights and transoms.  Because you have the option of covering many different windows and window sizes with similar products in the same fabric, you can easily cover every window in your room the same.

Doorway window fashions

Designing Custom Window Fashions for Your Doorway

There are thousands of custom window fashions available for your front door.  Each home is different and the window treatment that will work best in your home wouldn’t work at all in mine.  That is why covering your entryway with custom window treatments makes so much sense.  With custom window treatments, you can design a window fashion that is uniquely you.  Creating the atmosphere and space you want is our goal.  We can help you design the right custom window fashions for your doorway that will set the stage for the rest of your home.  You will love the results!  Call Ambiance Window Coverings today for a free in-home consultation.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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