12 Things Only People From Omaha Nebraska Understand

things only people from Omaha Nebraska UnderstandAmbiance Window Coverings has been a part of Omaha Nebraska for years! If you are part of the Omaha Community, you love this great city and are proud to be a part of it and here’s why:

12 Things Only People From Omaha Nebraska Understand

  1. graduated High School from a school with a geographical direction for a name. You pride yourself on being from East O, North O, South O or West O.  You weren’t born on a farm and you DO have electricity!
  2. been to Hy Vee and may be a part owner.
  3. Everyone asks you about Bright Eyes and Saddle Creek Records
  4. worked at the Zoo at some point in your life and often visit still.
  5. know who Alexander Payne is and you or someone close to you was part of the movie “About Schmidt”.
  6. spend Saturdays watching the Huskers. Every game has been sold out since 1962. During games, memorial stadium becomes the third largest city in Nebraska.
  7. know what going to a “cheapee” means.
  8. parents worked for Mutual of Omaha, Union Pacific or sold steaks for a living.
  9. middle lane of Dodge doesn’t surprise you and you can’t drive too fast.
  10. avoid public transportation and would never think of walking. You measure distance in time and take construction into consideration when you’re planning a trip.
  11. eating chili with Cinnamon rolls and ship Dorothy Lynch to family who have moved away.
  12. enjoy a Runza every now and then.

Like most cities in America, there are certain things that set us apart from people in other cities. It’s what makes us unique. Omaha is a great city to live and work in. There are many exciting musical and artistic nuances in the city and we have a large number of fortune 500 companies and large department stores that attract customers from all over. The home to many celebrities, Omaha is a great place to call home.

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